• An exciting combination of simple geometric motifs and usage of innovative materials, expressed through an impressive display that includes a luxurious outdoor entrance along the magnificent aqueduct, a golden triumphal arch and hypnotic stone lace covering the ARYA halls that aims to create a sublime sense of celebration

    Shuki Bagim
    Shuki Bagim
    Intra-design studio - "ARYA" designer


 We invite you to bring to life your most important moment at "ARYA". The event arena is one of a kind in Israel that connects the White City (Tel Aviv) to the capital.

12-acre complex (+15 acres Parking Area).

Entrance along a 40 meter aqueduct and through an impressive 15 meter Gate.

External cavity of 4000 square meters of Amphitheater cultivated gardens.

800 square meters of patio (inner paved courtyard). And 3200 square meters of stone-laced event halls.

The Arena offers you two halls to choose from

 North Hall VERSA

A versatile Hall of 1200 sq. meters, and patio (inner paved courtyard) of 470 square meters.

Cultured amphitheater garden of 2500 sq. meters

The design of the Versa Hall employed usage of materials in their raw form: exposed concrete, natural wood and iron that together provide a unique, natural and illuminating background. This hall will allow you to implement the fruits of your imagination in your unique and special event design.

South Hall THEMA

A concept Hall of 830 square meters, and patio (inner paved courtyard) of 350 square meters.

Cultured amphitheater garden of  1500 square meters.

This hall was designed in an elegant and prestigious atmosphere that combines bright glass walls and elegant wooden walls, along with the most advanced visual effects in the world, combining to create the perfect concept image.


Nearby Shoham, very close to Ben Gurion airport and with quick access to the main traffic routes of Israel.

A 5-minute drive from Highway 6 (Ben Shemen).

20 minutes from Kfar Saba.

20 minutes from Tel Aviv.

20 minutes from Rehovot.

30 minutes from Jerusalem.

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