Familiarize yourself with the orchestra! They will make your event unforgettable.

Leading professionals in their respective fields came together to create the perfect event, just for you. The Mordechai family (owners) has extensive experience in planning events that spans over two decades. And like a master conductor, they bring together all the various players to create an extraordinary symphony: a phenomenal architectural firm, a first-class producer and designer, international lighting and sound experts, a leading bar company, and of course, a leading culinary chef.

All together and each in their separate fields come together to create the perfect setting for your important evening. We invite you to get to know them closely.

אריא - החתונה של רותם ושביט
אריא - החתונה של שירה ואלון
אריא - החתונה של ליאה ואיציק
אריא - החתונה של אסתי ותומר
אריא - החתונה של שני ויוסי
אריא - החתונה של לאונר ורועי
אריא - החתונה של אורית ומעוז
אריא - החתונה של עמית וגבריאל
אריא - החתונה של תמר ורביד
Owner - The Mordechai Family

With the rich experience of 15 years in managing a successful reception hall, the Mordechai family decided to fulfill a vision, and a dream: to build the next big thing in the field. With huge heart, passion in their eyes, and oodles of will power, the Mordechai family realized their vision, and offer couples the services of the unique event arena for personal and corporate events.

Architect - Shuki Bagim

As part of the design concept of the arena, which stems from the special and unique atmosphere it offers, Shuki Bagim, the leading architecture and design studio, is proud to present the new standard in the events world: an unusual complex that combines modern materials and simple geometry that together makes the masterpiece "ARYA" . The result speaks for itself, an innovative, ground breaking arena, corresponding with the new modern era.

Producer - Get Event

The producers Yuval Bolgraph and Avi Nagarin are the owners of Get Event production company. ARYA guests will benefit from the knowledge and experience they accumulated during a decade of practice in the events field in Israel, working with the leading companies. As an important part of the services provided at ARYA, production support is free and is designed to assist in planning an event, budget management, menu adjustment, and proper selection of the various suppliers, to create an event tailored to your desires.

ARYA Event Designer

The ARYA design company, with its experience and reputation in production and event design, was carefully selected by the arena team so as to continue the vision of the project's architect – to stick to the unique designs of the luxurious halls and to fulfill the desire to create for you the perfect events you are dreaming about.

Lighting Artist - Micha Margalit

Israel's leading lighting artist, Micha Margalit, designed for ARYA the most impressive lighting set. It will give your event that unique hue of its own it deserves. As head of the best and most advanced impressive projects in the field, Micha will make sure to light and enlighten you with the most unique lights on your special day, and to create an unforgettable event.

Sound, amplification and projection specialist - "Signal"

"Signal" Company planned for ARYA guests the most advanced stage solutions, including professional system enhancement, allowing you to enjoy the best performance in the field of sound. You are welcome to enjoy unforgettable sounds during your event while maintaining quality standards. "Danaor" company,  a leading provider of equipment, has joined the team as well to provide the most impressive effect and advanced equipment in the field.

Bar services – Supreme Party Bar

To provide you with the best variety and finest drinks along with the most professional bar services to accompany the entire event, Supreme Party Bar is proud to present a vast variety of beverages that will turn any event to a real celebration with a well-stocked bar and refreshing bartender staff.

Leading Culinary Chef

In charge of the taste-fest and fine gourmet is one of the leading chefs of Israel's culinary elite. With vast experience of many years in the field, having served at the most prestigious reception halls and catering services in Israel and abroad, the chef leads the celebration of tastes, smells, and colors to the vibrant area of fine dining and hospitality experience at the highest level.