17 KM away from Tel-Aviv - the next big thing is here

Perfect location, magnificent design and easy access- Arya is the most incredebale events arena is Israel

Between Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv, Arya is about to become the hottest name when it comes to events. With a perfect location, right between Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem, and with an easy access to the major cities , Arya is bound to be the biggest thing around.

Arya features two beautifully designed halls. the first one can hold events raging from 500-950 guests with unforgettable hosting options, design and culinary wise. 

The second hall can let you hold an event with 300-500 guests, all with the highest standard of design, food and details. 

the culinary aspect is lead by Arya's expert chef, professional and highly experienced who will turn your event into a grand feast. The rich menu offers multiple choices that will suit every pallet and will turn your event into a culinary cerebration. 

Shoham - the perfect spot with a great location. 

Arya is conveniently located in Shoham- only 17 KM away from Tel-Aviv and with an easy access to all major cities. it is also close to Jerusalem, what turns it into the perfect location for your next event.